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Disciplinary Committee President, Hibari Kyouya. Disrupt my peace and I will bite you to death.

[Independent RP Blog for Hibari Kyouya. Don't be frightened. Mun's personality is only tangentially linked to Hibari's]

shibuki: Ahh I'm on mobile now but I'll send some pairings! 1859

Pfft- I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. And focus! >w<

As much as Gokudera hate Hibari, he can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful face of the other. Hibari on the other hand, likes teasing people (idk) and Gokudera is easy to get reactions out of. Quite amusing. And then lalala go read the fic before I destroy this pairing XD

tags: #pairing discussion #KHR #1859 #laughed so hard omg